Pura Paluang Car Temple in Nusa Penida

The uniqueness's of Nusa Penida Island seem to be endless to be explored. Not only regarding the marine life and culture, the spiritual side is interesting. As Hindu predominately practiced by the people here, many temples spread to the entire island. On western cliff, there is unusual temple called Pura Paluang Car Temple, is often called the “Car Temple” by travelers, or “Pura Mobil” by locals and it has a variety of oddities and one of them there in Bali or even the world. It’s one of the must-see attractions if you’re travelling to Nusa Penida Island, particularly around the island’s rugged limestone cliffs on the southwestern coast.

Pura Paluang Car Temple

What Makes Pura Paluang Car Temple Unique ?

Pura Paluang Car Temple is a very unique temple in the world. There are two strange buildings with car shape as main shrines. This temple is the look of the building is very different from the millions of temples in the world. Remember, cars are not the real car but it’s just a form of shrines to form a complete car with the wheels, the hood is made of stone.

The temple is located within a monkey forest and overlooks the Indian Ocean. It is built of white sandstone and the inner sanctum features a shrine built to resemble a small house between two cars – a jeep and a VW beetle – carved out of stone. The elders of the village have no account of how the temple came to be,and claim that it stood long before there were any cars in Indonesia. To add to the mystery, locals claim to hear the sounds of car engines coming from the site at night!

At some 200 m altitude, in the west of Nusa Penida Island, close to Bunga Mekar, sits the temple of Paluang, towering over steep limestone cliffs. The name of the temple could be explained as 'pa-luwang'. There has been debate on the origins of the temple, as it harbours a number of rather peculiar objects: two cement cars are venerated and have been given a pedestal. Depicting, chiselling or sculpturing means of transport in Balinese temples is not unique to Nusa Penida.

Pura Paluang Car Temple History

As the local story, the building a car has been in existence since time immemorial. No one knows when the first time when it was built. Few years ago, the car building made of wood since the wood has begun loss does not eliminate the size, shape and design of the building renovation was repeated by using the stones to make it more durable and long lasting.

When the village get collapse since of ‘GERUBUG’ kind of bad epidemic, Ida Bethara will come to cure the villages. Pura Paluang Car Temple is very quiet atmosphere for meditation and conduct the activities of other religious rituals. There are also awesomeness ancient statues which very strange, the statues were built 500 years ago but nowadays, some part

Pura Paluang Car Temple Location

Pura Paluang Car Temple is located in the village of Karang Dawa, western area of Nusa Penida. The trip to this temple needs time around 40 minutes from Nusa Penida Port. The temple be guarded by hundreds monkeys, that standing just above the steep cliff and quite far from the village of Karang Dawa.

How to Get Pura Paluang Car Temple ?

To reach Pura Palung Car Temple, go to Nusa Penida Island, and visitors from outside of Nusa Penida can use sea transport modes or fast boat, which takes around 45 minutes from Sanur port in Sanur Beach. Tickets price around 250,000 IDR and can be bought at the pier.

    Location: Karang Dawa Village, Nusa Penida, Klungkung Regency, Bali, Indonesia.

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