Getting a great deal makes a fantastic trip even better. So naturally, we offer great deals. In fact, many of our deals can't be found anywhere else. And we'll save you the time of trying with our low price guarantee.


    We do not require any deposit to confirm your booking. Call or text us anytime, and you pay cash when you meet us. We give you honest & transparent rates and we don't hide any charges. You pay only what you agreed to.


    We believe that we are on Earth to enable each of our guests to discover the magic of Bali and experience the spirit island of Bali. We create emotional connections with our guests by promising and delivering the best part of your holiday in Bali.

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Bali Cheapest Tours was established to assist travelers make the most out of their time spent in Bali by providing flexible and good value solutions for all holiday needs. The company is staffed by a team of local professionals who have years of hospitality experience in the tour and travel industry.

When it comes to sightseeing and tour activities, Bali has an amazing range of different options available, including coach tours, special events, temple ceremonies, adventure excursions, spa treatments and shopping alternatives. With so much diversity, making the right choice can be a little overwhelming. To take the confusion of choosing where to go and what to do, Bali Cheapest Tours has compiled a selection of tour favorites that will appeal to a wide audience of international visitors.

Bali Cheapest Tours can also create flexible tour itineraries tailored to time and preference specifications. Using fully air-conditioned vehicles for comfort and convenience, our teams are extremely knowledgeable and will help guests experience the real Bali. A customized tour is perhaps the best way to discover the island of Bali, meet its humble people and witness the cultural traditions that have mesmerized visitors from all over the world.

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